Artists’ Information


Read on or view the Artist Information brochure (legal size PDF)


The artist provides SaskMusic with their music (and supplementary material that is desirable to media such as a one-sheet, print quality photos and more). A unique artist folder is created which can include direct links to websites, YouTube videos, etc.

The artist will get a list of the media outlets which have received access to their file in order to do complete personal follow-up. Artists may also have access to statistics on file downloads, accesses, etc. SaskMusic will be able to see which media outlets are actively using the service and monitor its success. It is up to the artist to contact media outlets following digital distribution through M2M, as they would with traditional servicing.

SaskMusic will send a new releases announcement to its curated recipient list every 2 weeks to highlight new releases that have been entered into the system.


Albums more than 12 weeks past their date of release will not be included in a new releases announcement, but may be uploaded into the system up to 365 days past their date of release. There is no limit to the amount of albums or singles that may be uploaded by an individual or artist as long as the project has been released in the past 365 days.

The artist must be a current resident of Saskatchewan, and the uploader must be a current member of SaskMusic. Once uploaded, material will remain active with M2M for at least 365 days. Saskatchewan labels who are corporate members of SaskMusic may upload releases on behalf of the artists they represent, as long as those artists are Saskatchewan residents. (In the case of a group, at least 50% of the group’s members must reside in Saskatchewan.)

SaskMusic reserves the right to refuse any artist/album from entry into M2M and reserves the right to remove material which is deemed derogatory or defamatory. We also reserve the right to remove and restrict access by any artist or company abusing or misusing the system in any manner.

The purpose of M2M is to promote SaskMusic artists and to help them secure album reviews, airplay, interviews and other type of publicity. SaskMusic assumes no responsibility for the outcome of distributing this information, i.e. if you receive a bad album review that gets published. Please keep in mind that the items you upload can and may be published/reviewed by media.


  • You can remove access to your songs/albums at any time. This will restrict further listens/downloads but will not reverse the access of any media who have previously downloaded your track(s)/information.
  • This service is only for single and album releases at this time (not for stand-alone artist promotions such as a tour announcement, or to promote video releases).
  • If you wish to distribute your single/album to commercial radio for commercial airplay we advise you to use DMDS or other commercial delivery systems. DMDS is an established system of delivery for high-quality broadcast tracks to commercial radio stations. M2M is not an alternative to DMDS.
  • Note: College radio stations, in general, still prefer to receive albums in physical format.

Items We’ll Need

  • Your most recent album and/or your current single. If providing us with MP3s, we recommend that, at minimum, your current single – if intended for radio airplay – is uploaded with a “radio version” encoded at 320kbps.
    What this means: You may have dozens of tracks and multiple albums stored on M2M at any given time, but if you have a specific single out that you’re promoting, at least THAT song should also be uploaded at 320kbps. You can swap out singles as you release them, or add new 320kpbs singles. WAV format is not acceptable due to file sizes.
  • Note: If making MP3s using iTunes, you can find your settings under Preferences > General > Import Settings > Custom.
  • A one-sheet about the single or album (samples are available at listing artist contact information and release date. Remember, this information is for MEDIA and bookers so make sure you list some way that you can be reached for interviews. Acceptable file type: PDF. (Note: If MS Word docs are uploaded they will be converted to PDF format by SaskMusic.)
  • Minimum: one high-resolution graphic of the album cover and/or photograph of the artist (in the case of a single). Minimum recommended size is 300dpi, 2” wide / minimum 600×600 pixels. Acceptable file types: JPG, PDF, PNG.


  • Multiple high-quality press shots of the artist, such as could be used to accompany an interview/feature on the artist (acceptable file types: JPG, PDF, PNG)
  • Any websites you list on your signup contact sheet will be linked within your folder; you can include a YouTube link to your current single, and any other past video releases.

How to get yourself into Music2Media:

1.  First make sure you qualify to participate. Review the criteria and FAQ above!

2.  Read the Artist Agreement to ensure you agree with the terms of participation.

Note: You must be a current paid member of SaskMusic (Individual, Band, or Corporate) to participate. Join SaskMusic!

Good? Next:

3.  Complete the submission form found here:

for each album or single that you intend to upload. Without this form, we cannot proceed with your participation in Music2Media. It includes important details that we’ll need.

4.  We will issue you a personal artist folder on our cloud server, to which you will upload your music and materials. This will be under the artist’s name, so let us know if you’ll be uploading for more than one artist and we’ll issue separate folders for each.

5.  Send your music and materials to SaskMusic by bringing it physically into one of our offices, emailing us with a file transfer link (ie Dropbox, Bandcamp, Box, etc), OR requesting a special upload email.

6.  After we receive everything required, SaskMusic will check over your uploads for completeness; add artist name/file titles where necessary; add hometown tags, links, etc. and generally make sure it looks consistent for media. Media will then have access to your artist folder. They will have the ability to preview, and/or download your materials for their use.

7.  If yours is a recent or upcoming release, you’ll be featured in our new releases hot sheet. Albums more than 12 weeks past their date of release will not be included in a new releases announcement. However, media will still see your material when they log in to Music2Media.

8.  You will receive a list of users participating in Music2Media who are receiving access to your material at the time your submission is complete. You can change your selections as to which user groups receive your material at any point later, but any users who have already downloaded your material, will still have your material. Updated media lists will be provided from time to time.

9.  Follow up with media, as you wish, to encourage them to grab your material for review, interviews, etc. Check the updated media list for contact information.