As the music industry becomes increasingly “virtual”, fewer and fewer Saskatchewan artists are manufacturing physical recordings when they create an album, which has resulted in a unique situation in recent years: media professionals and other industry VIPs, who used to receive multitudes of promotional copies of albums, are no longer receiving the latest releases at all. This leaves local and national media scrambling to research what has come out, and provide adequate coverage.

To address this need, SaskMusic is creating a unique portal where our artists’ releases  (audio singles and full albums, high quality photographs, information on the album, biographies, and more) will be available to targeted user groups which the artists wishes to allow access. Media and industry professionals can login as needed for their work to download or preview new Saskatchewan albums and information from our library. Additionally, SaskMusic sends out a “New Releases Hot Sheet” to inform professionals of what’s been newly added into the library.

What is M2M?

Music2Media is a secure cloud server where an accredited list of music industry professionals (newspapers, radio, TV stations, etc) can login and download new release singles or entire current albums and press sheets from Saskatchewan artists (for free). There is currently no one easy way for artists to send out their albums to this targeted group. Some individual artists use sites such as YouSendIt, BandCamp or SoundCloud to service media, but there is no “central point”, to our knowledge, for media personnel to login that serves all the following functions:

  • It provides Saskatchewan media with a supply of digital albums for review/promotional purposes and make it more likely that they will actually receive/hear about Saskatchewan-released albums. We have heard from many saying that they don’t know what’s been released in Saskatchewan – i.e. for their “Best of 2013” lists or nominations. This will give them a single point-of-entry to one large library where they may browse through numerous genres. (Note: Commercial radio stations’ participation in M2M will serve to fill gaps where artists do not use DMDS for deliveries – especially for the non-mainstream-genre artists. It is not intended to replace DMDS or other paid distribution-to-radio services.)
  • It provides SaskMusic with this same benefit. It will also give us better information when it’s time to help our members with JUNO, WCMA, CCMA, etc nominations.
  • It allows SaskMusic to further promote our artists through the sendout of a regular New Releases hot sheet.
  • It provides members with a media-servicing option: we get the albums into the hands of media (and others), and we maintain the up-to-date contact lists.

If you wish to participate please view separate information pages for Artists or for Media.